The world changed and some people only realised it after hearing about the results of the American presidential election. We should not forget about Brexit, Marine Le Penn, AFD, Pegida and Hungary.

The US elected someone that came from a movie. A character. A populist character who speaks openly about what comes to his mind. Pro guns pro Russia and a white supremacist. Against Muslims, against latinos, against women’s rights and against everything that supposedly “threats“ America’s supremacy in the world.

This is the point where we ask ourselves what is wrong with our morals and with our principles as world citizens. Can history repeat itself? Can the failure of a social liberal party be the only explanation for the election results in the US?
In this context, it may be important to point out that the Weimar Republic had one of the most democratic constitutions in history and still, a few years later in 1933, Adolf Hitler took over power. His popularity increased with a segregationist, racist and intolerant speech: “Us against them”, he used to say. And no one could predict Auschwitz, Dachau, Buchenwald and Belzec. The consequences were seen and lived by millions of people later on.

About the US: I don’t blame Barack Obama even though I do not 100% agree with what he did for America mostly when it comes to foreign policy. Instead, I blame the democratic party for choosing one of the most incompetent, corrupt and weak candidates of the party’s history to take down Trump: a former secretary of State who supported warlords, dictatorships and supports countries such as Saudi Arabia (one of the countries that directly finances terrorism).

Dark times ahead of us. RIP USA


von Marina Guimarães